What are the types of papillomas

Each person needs to consider the types of papillomas in more detail in general. Such information will be useful in the sense that some types of warts have very high oncogenic levels and if they appear on the body, a person can consult a doctor immediately.

Each of the types of neoplasms has its own unique external characteristics and it is worth getting to know them a little closer.

Common or vulgar wart - description

90% of the country's population are carriers of the papilloma virus. For some, it may remain inactive for a lifetime, but there are those who cannot get rid of warts. The most common papilloma can be seen on the skin, which is caused by various viral organisms marked with the numbers 7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19-24, 26, 27, 29, 55.

papilloma of the skin

Papillomas of the vulgar type are manifested on the human body due to the following external characteristics:

  • the shape is round or hemispherical;
  • the color is slightly darker than the flesh or brown;
  • rises above skin levels by 2-4 millimeters;
  • has a uniform and smooth structure, soft texture;
  • attached to the human body thanks to a special leg.

Such a problem can occur in the arms, legs, back, face and neck. Some people confuse such benign formations with moles, but in fact, these two concepts are completely different.

Such a problem has no noticeable symptoms; warts of this type have a very low level of oncogenicity and do not require unsuccessful removal. If a person has a desire, he can remove the growths using laser therapy, freezing with liquid nitrogen, special patches or standard surgical intervention.

Description of filiform warts

Types of papillomas can tell you exactly which genotype of the viral organism is causing the problem. Very often filiform warts can be found on the neck or in the facial area. They are small enough, are on a long leg and practically do not cause discomfort. The characteristic features of papillomas of this type should be called:

  • rather small, almost tiny size;
  • the leg is long and very thin, resembling a thread;
  • flesh or light brown;
  • rather soft and pleasant structure.

Filiform warts can appear on the eyelid, neck, near the mouth. If they grow on another part of the body, then there is nothing strange, because the human papilloma virus can look completely unexpected. Filamentous papillomas are also called anronorades and doctors do not give clear recommendations for their removal. When this particular type of problem occurs, there are no clear recommendations for removal.

Flat papillomas - the main features

papilloma on the face

Flat warts are a fairly common type of papilloma, which most often occurs at a young age.

Small flat warts can be seen on the body of adolescents, which eventually disappear on their own.

The likelihood of developing a flat neoplasm in adulthood is also quite high, as the problem is caused by virus varieties number 43, 55, 53 and some more.

In terms of appearance, this problem has the following characteristics:

  • practically does not protrude above the level of the skin or the height is minimal;
  • flesh or light brown hue;
  • it most often appears in one variant;
  • does not cause any discomfort, may be minimal or fairly large in size.

Such a problem causes only visual discomfort, as it does not cause any particular problems of concern. Your doctor may prescribe antiviral therapy, which is caused by taking antiviral medications. If a person feels visual discomfort in the presence of a flat nipple, then the papilloma can be removed surgically, by laser or cold cauterization.

Spiky papillomas or warts

The most dangerous for humans are spiky papillomas. They are caused by viral organisms numbered 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 59, 70, 30, 39, 55, 57, 67, 69. Such formations have a very high oncogenic level, most often occurring in the intimate areas of men andwoman.

External characteristics of genital warts resulting from the activity of human papilloma virus are considered to be:

  • cone-shaped growths of various sizes;
  • fairly high growth above skin levels;
  • the presence of a wart is not in one variant;
  • a significant number of papillomas form a formation that looks very similar to cauliflower;
  • education not only on the skin but also on the mucous membranes;
  • flesh, light brown or pink.

The appearance of these growths in the intimate zone causes great discomfort. The person constantly feels itchy, feels uncomfortable during intimacy, and can have an unpleasant odor.

If a problem is found in a woman, then she will be offered to undergo screening. The treatment of the problem will directly depend on what specific diagnosis the doctors make. If the formations have already become malignant, then surgery is performed, chemotherapy is used. When refuting such a serious diagnosis, patients are still advised to remove the growths and carry out antiviral therapy.

Plantar warts - the main features

plantar warts

Some HPV genotypes cause warts on the soles of the feet and palms. They often resemble ordinary corns, but they are quite painful. The main characteristics of problematic formations of this type should be called the following external manifestations:

  • the color of the growths is practically indistinguishable from the color of the skin;
  • slightly protruding above skin level;
  • they often resemble a small knot in the leg and have a certain mobility.

Discomfort from growths arises only because they appeared in such a zone. Due to the excess of education, it is painful for a person to stand completely on his feet, and if he has a papilloma on his arm, then during the performance of some kind of robot, there is a great deal of discomfort. It is necessary to remove such growths, because they can be easily damaged, which often leads to blood poisoning.

Plantar warts have a low level of oncogenicity, but they are quite dangerous due to the fact that they are easy to damage without even noticing it. With this problem, it is necessary to carry out antiviral therapy, remove the growths surgically, with laser or liquid nitrogen. After the operation, a small wound remains, but it heals completely in a few days.

Papillomas of the basal end and senile warts

There are papillomas that occur exclusively in people of a certain age. These types of benign growths include papillomas with basal ends. Such neoplasms are also considered senile warts (pictured).

senile papilloma

In terms of appearance, such benign growths can be described as follows:

  • the colors are practically indistinguishable from the standard skin color;
  • rather soft structure;
  • slight rise above skin level;
  • variations in size - rather large or small papillomas.

Such warts do not pose any danger. They cannot be removed, but if desired, the patient can always choose the most comfortable type of therapy for himself. These types of papillomas are quite poorly visible in photography, but in real life they are clearly visible during external examination.

More information

There are about 150 types of papilloma virus in nature, which cause warts of various shapes and sizes on the skin. Papillomas are divided into types depending on which strain of HPV the person is infected with.

People can develop warts of various types and sizes only after the body is greatly weakened, and if you notice such formations on the skin, then it is worth remembering and considering the following information:

  • pointed papillomas or warts that connect always have a very high level of danger;
  • when warts appear on the soles, mucous membranes, palms, even if they belong to a safe variety, they should be removed without error;
  • you should not try to cut off warts of any kind yourself, as this threatens to recur and infect the whole body.

Every human body has its own characteristics, which also affect how the human papilloma virus can manifest.

If a person notices a certain type of wart on the body, which is similar in description to one of the listed varieties, consult a doctor immediately.

When education does not match the above descriptions, it should not be neglected, because all this can be caused by HPV.

Why does this problem exist in almost every person? Experienced doctors have not yet been able to identify in detail, but experts have learned how to competently treat both external manifestations and the source of the problem. An external problem of any kind is a reason to visit a medical specialist. You can't ignore this, because everything can end very seriously.

In custody

So, if a person has a plain or flat nipple, then there is no need to be afraid at all, but spiky growths do not always turn out benign, which is the reason for additional diagnosis and urgent treatment.

Senile warts also do not manifest in any way and are often not caused by HPV, but simply form due to age. Flat papillomas can become an age characteristic of adolescents and then disappear without a trace.

But you should not count on that, because the problem can be more serious. It is better to go immediately to a qualified medical specialist and competently solve the problem, so that you do not encounter additional problems later.

Among warts of all types, there are completely safe neoplasms and those that can cause significant damage to health. Both problems require a competent diagnosis, and only then will the doctor decide what to do in a particular case. Everyone can learn to recognize different types of problems, but there is no point in trying to treat it yourself.